Francesco Elter

Something about meWho I am

I was born in Livorno in 1984 and up to the age of 18 I lived in a small village in the Tuscan province. I took the Scientific High School Diploma, I enrolled at the University of Pisa, where I graduated in 2008 in Sciences and Technologies for the Agroforestry Environment. I grew up from a young age, in contact with nature and the environment, both from a working and family point of view. I have an unconditional love for the mountains and as soon as time and work allow me, I go back to Valle d’Aosta where a part of my family still lives. Today I share my life with Giusi, an adventure and travel companion, with whom I carry out plans for the future and my dog Eren, tireless and faithful friend.

My JobBecome an Olive Grower

My grandfather Piero Elter, was a great olive growing enthusiast and in 1979 purchased this large farm in Calci, on the Pisan Mountains. From an early age, he began to teach me how to carry out some practices for the management of the olive grove. Gradually, he begins to appreciate that world of hard work, hopes, disappointments and great satisfactions. Until in 2011, I decided that I would do that in life. Making extra virgin olive oil. But in my own way.

I had in mind a different way of producing oil on the Pisan Mountains, a difficult, hostile and impervious territory but which contains in itself unique and unrepeatable qualities to enhance and promote. With this principle, today, I continue the work that I learned a long time ago but that continues to teach me something new every day.

I am a man of fortune, I must follow my destiny Pirate H. Avery