Disperà BIO

Delicato ed Elegante ma dal carattere deciso.


Razzo 100%

Olive Oil Campaign



Bott. 0,5L



The eastern exposure of the olive trees creates wetter and fresher conditions. The result is an extra virgin with medium fruity, bitter and spicy. Elegant aftertaste of green olive, artichoke and fresh aromatic herbs.



An elegantly scented extra virgin olive oil. Its intense but enveloping character makes it the perfect ingredient for delicate dishes where you are looking for an extra virgin that does not cover the flavors but enhances them, such as fish or white meat dishes. Excellent for embellishing legume-based soups as well.

HistoryThe Origin of the Name

During the Second World War there was a partisan in Cogne (AO), who complained that he was excluded from the battles because he was too young. Hence the name Disperà with which Piero Elter was called by his companions.