AttitudePassion for Quality

“The quality of a product comes from the passion with which we dedicate ourselves to it”

Francesco Elter

Sustainable Agriculture in harmony with the environment that hosts it

DiscoverOur Extravirgin

Each cultivar we grow gives the extra virgin olive oil unique and different characteristics that deserve to be enclosed in the bottle.

Extravirgin Olive OilBlend BIO

  • CultivarFrantoio. Razzo. Moraiolo.

Extravirgin Olive OilDisperà BIO

  • CultivarRazzo 100%

Extravirgin Olive OilEyvia BIO

  • CultivarMoraiolo 100%

Extravirgin Olive OilJU BIO

  • CultivarTrillo 100%

TerritoryThe Farm

We are in Calci (PI) immersed in the Val di Vico on the Pisan Mountains. The favorable climatic and pedological conditions that our area offers have allowed the olive tree to grow and differentiate itself in highly prestigious ancient cultivars



Variety originally from Tuscany, very widespread in our country


Botanically similar to the Frantoio, it has differentiated in the veraison and in the different ripening


Very widespread variety in Tuscany, very productive and with very intense oil


Very ancient variety, cultivated since the time of the de Medici family, there is no news outside Calci

Professione Olive GrowerBehind the product: Francesco Elter

Our extra virgin olive oil comes from an idea, a project, a dream … I’ll tell you who I am.


“I have very simple tastes, I am always satisfied with the best” Oscar Wilde


Immerse yourself in the silence of the Pisan Mountains and let yourself be guided on your journey to discover the world of extra virgin olive oil.

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