The Organic Defense

When it comes to organic, the first thought is that of a crop system where there is no use of plant protection products. In fact, the products that do not come and cannot be used are those of chemical synthesis while there are a number of other products that help manufacturers defend themselves. These are natural products or products of natural origin which in many cases prove to be much more effective than chemical analogues.

Weapons for the olive tree

The defense of plants in the world of organic olive cultivation is fundamental to obtain good production but also to allow good vegetative growth for the plant. There are several natural products to combat certain fungal diseases of the olive tree, such as Cycloconium (or Peacock Eye), for example, Propolis or Soft Potassium Soap (Marseille soap) used as an invigorating. The main adversity however, remains without a doubt the Olive Fly. This insect Diptera is the cause of serious damage to production, making the olives unsuitable for processing.

But how do you defend olive trees from this insect?

The first decisive step is to implement a complete and well structured monitoring. In fact, it is essential to intervene at the right time and in the right way. The defense strategies are in fact mostly preventive as they are based on the use of products that protect the plant or reduce the insect population. One product that is giving good results is kaolin, a white clay which, sprayed on the crown, creates an impenetrable protective barrier from the egg-laying of the female fly. Another important and useful product is Spintor FLY (TM). It is a bait based on Spinosad, a product of bacterial origne, which if sprayed on the foliage of the olive trees in a specific area, attracts the adults of the fly and kills them. It is also useful to use traps based on hydrolyzed proteins or nitrogen compounds which by mass capture reduce the population of this insect.

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